10 Writing Techniques and Guidelines for SEO Content

10 Writing Techniques and Guidelines for SEO Content

10 Writing Techniques and Guidelines for SEO Content

As a content writer, do you feel your content lacks the finesse to crack SEO ranks?

SEO content writing is a different skill altogether. It requires polishing your writing skills by understanding the connection between SEO mechanisms and quality content writing.

They both go hand-in-hand!

Without SEO, good content gets lost somewhere on page 50 of a search engine, defeating the entire purpose of using content writing services. Similarly, applying all the SEO tactics to rank on page one goes to waste if the content lacks quality.

To make your content stand apart, and promote your content writing services, strive to enhance your SEO efforts.

Ten Techniques and Guidelines for SEO Content Writing:

1. Write Content That Appeals to Your Target Audience:

Many companies make the mistake of using content writing services only to promote their product and services. Assert yourself and showcase your industry knowledge about the importance of informative and engaging content. Show how informative content can beat their competition favorably while appealing to the target audience.


2. Keep It All Under the Same Roof:

There can be different ways, like blogs, videos, infographics, whitepapers, etc., to showcase your content. The best technique to get credit and traffic to your website is to keep the original content under your domain name. It helps your website rank high on different searches when you embed them onto it and share it from there.

3. Make Keyword-Rich Headlines and Meta Descriptions:

Headlines and meta descriptions give a glimpse of the content to the target audience during searches. Polish your SEO content writing skills by writing clear, interesting keyword-rich headlines and meta descriptions that pique the audience’s interests. It has the power to influence them and boost your web traffic.


4. Use Keyword-Rich Phrases:

Those days of keyword stuffing to boost SEO ranks have passed; now, it leads to penalties. Alternatively, use relevant, keyword-rich phrases thoughtfully and sparingly that blend with the content naturally.

Additionally, take advantage of blog tags by tagging the relevant keywords for each blog post.

5. Drop Unorganized, Inefficient Formats:

Did you know you only get a maximum of 10 seconds to hold audiences’ attention?

No one likes to read through an inefficiently formatted 10-15 lines paragraph as blog content. Therefore, use proper tag hierarchies for tagging headlines (H1 for titles, H2 for subtitles). It makes your content more readable.

Also, break the content into smaller paragraphs (Not more than three lines) to create an organized, structured format for your content.

6. Add an Image:

There’s nothing more appealing than images to heighten the visual aspect of your content.

Images connect with people and make your content pop-out. Create a Pinterest account to advance your content writing services. Use it to promote your blogs by pinning the image apart from promoting it on other social media platforms.

7. Use Social Media to Your Advantage:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., can help increase the reach of your content. Use it to promote the new articles on social media sites and forums through engaging descriptions and call-to-action.


Implement Twitter Cards for Twitter or Open Graph for Facebook (technical) to have more control over how your links appear when they get shared. Also, sharing the links of your content on social media can help your click-through rates.

8. Implement Google Authorship:

Google Authorship is a great way to promote your content writing services and increase your articles’ click-through rate.

Have a Google+ account, as it allows you to tie the content to the author easily. The search engine spits out your articles as rich snippets in the search results featuring the author’s photos along with it.

9. Engage in Natural Link Building:

The link-building concept has come a long way in SEO content writing strategies. It’s time you link all your articles or websites in your post as a natural link building. When other websites pick your blog posts or contents, make sure it is linked back to your website.


If your content writing services include infographics and videos, don’t forget to add their embed code on your website. Further create quality content, as it increases shareability and the likelihood of other websites linking to it.

10. Monitor Your Efforts:

Use Google Analytics to track your efforts. It gives you an insight into how users interact with your website after landing on your content. You can check things like bounce rate, drop-off rates, and time spent on a page or website with it.

It helps you understand the relevance of the content. These metrics give you a clear idea of what content pieces work well and what do not.


Like a piece of a puzzle, both SEO techniques and content writing are interlinked. Quality content writing and SEO tactics together ensure higher traffic and engagement on your website.

To understand how content writing services and SEO techniques work together, feel free to give us a call.

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