10 Tips and Tricks For Google Search | Primotech

10 Tips and Tricks For Google Search | Primotech

You must be aware of the word “Google It”. It is the most widely used catchphrase in the digital era. For any problem or any information, the standard reply is “Google it” which indicates the massive popularity Google’s search engine has. Google Search or simply Google is a web search engine developed by Google LLC.

However, apart from searching for random or useful things, you can use Google search for other things too. Have a look here!

Get information about upcoming events in the city

If you want to know about any upcoming event in your city or in any corner of the world, just Google it. For instance, if you type “live events”, Google Search will list out all live events happening around you.

Find a job for yourself

Looking for a job? Type “jobs near me” in the Google search and you’ll get a list of all jobs available around you.

Jobs Search in Google

Want to know about the latest movies and their show times?

Type “movie showtimes” in the Google search box and hit the ‘enter’ button. You’ll get the list of movies that are playing in cinemas near you.

Movie Showtimes Search
You can search with an image

You have an image and want to know the details about that image, you can get details by searching that image on the Google search. Go to Google Images > drag and drop that image in the Google search box. You’ll get complete details about that image in the Google results.

Image search

Find out recipes for a dish

Enter ‘recipe’ in the Google search box and get a list of popular recipe videos in your results.

recipe search

Easy currency converter

Want to convert USD to INR? Write “USD to INR” in the search box, enter the amount and get results.

currency search

Site-specific searches

Want to get results from a specific site? For instance, you want to check out all the Google related articles published on the “Entrepreneur” website, just type “Google site:entrepreneur.com”

specific search

Check calories in your food

Type “calories in a burger” and get the answer in Google Search.

calories check

Get meaning and synonyms for any word

Don’t know the meaning of any word? Google Search it.

meaning search

All health-related information

Need information regarding any disease? Google search will give all the information about it.

health related info

Want more information about Google Search and its functions? Stay tuned to Primotech’s blog!

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