10 Marketing Strategies To Get Millennials Attention

10 Marketing Strategies To Get Millennials Attention

Marketing Strategies To Get Millennials Attention

Millennials are the most talked about group in the marketing industry. There are approx. 80 million millennials in the US, making them largest living generation. So every brand today wants to charm Millennial demographic for their businesses growth.

Marketers should try their best to get Millennials attention as it will help them grow their business.

Why Businesses Should Care About Millennials?

Take a look at some facts that shows the importance of targeting Millennials:

Millennials are the largest living generation.

Millennials are smart.

Millennials are also go-getters. They believe in working for themselves, wish to create their own companies, start new brands, and change the world.

  • 54% of millennials either have already started their own business or want to start one.
  • 87% of millennials in the workforce have been hired for management positions at their companies.

Tips To Target Millennials

As marketers, we know it’s difficult to acquire customers and it’s even harder when you try to target different demographics. Every demographic has its own quirks, but when it comes to millennials – you must follow a different marketing strategy to target them. Millennials are savvy enough to know when and what they’re being pitched to. Here are 10 guaranteed strategies to get you started in the right direction.

#1. Be Transparent

The very first thing you must keep in mind is ‘Millennials love transparency’ and they’ll find their answers on the internet whether you control your brand’s online presence or not.  You must share far more detailed information about your brand than ever before.

This extraordinary level of transparency must go beyond advertising and mandatory disclosures for brands to succeed with the popular millennial demographic.

Here are some the best way to be transparent with millennial generation:

  • Share behind-the-scenes information about your company.
  • Invite users to share their feedback about your product or service. You can offer them a freebie, discount coupons, or other offers.
  • Create & share high resolution photos and high definition short videos of your products, clients or employees on social media so they can relate to and connect with your company.

#2. Optimize content for social

Social is the new SEO when it comes to Millennials. Try to reach millennials through your social channels. This can help you drive the most significant traffic back to brands and publishers. Make sure that you publish optimized content. Short and precise captions grab more attention. Moreover, keep your videos short (30-40 seconds). Don’t assume millennials will watch long videos with the sound on. Moreover, try to engage with your audience as much as you can.

#3. Add the latest social networks

Don’t hesitate to join a new social network. This will help you target your audience before that network starts to get crowded. Don’t forget to be on top of new platforms via tech or media blogs.

#4. Be relevant and engaging across all platforms

“Millennials are great in working with technology. Millennials grasp and interact with information differently across various platforms. Make sure to tailor your marketing strategies according to your audience. Don’t forget to post relevant and engaging content across every platform. Depending on your platform, your content can vary from the striking photographs and videos to the witty, funny and inspirational content.

#5. Focus on digital marketing

Millennials do not like traditional advertisements. Instead of focusing on traditional marketing (newspaper ads, radio ads, television ads and more), it’s better to focus on generating valuable and engaging content. Share it on your social channels and enjoy your audience interest in your brand. Content offering information has the ability to nail down more attention. Your audience will more likely to think positive about your brand.

#6. Go mobile first

Millennials are the most active group in the mobile sphere. If you aren’t planning mobile first to reach millennials, you won’t be successful. Millennial spend more time on their smartphones than any other device. They make their decisions utilizing their mobile devices. Make sure that your visuals are mobile optimized.

#7. Empower uniqueness

Millennials are known for giving importance to uniqueness and individuality. They want to be different from the rest. You can embrace this trend of co-creation by giving your users the option to customize their product and by giving them a sense of control over their experience.

#8. Bring Key Influencers Into Your Community

It’s difficult to start a conversation around your brand. You can do this by connecting with influencers. Find the influencers that your target audience follow and get them involved in the conversation. These influencers can help you with online participation; a key for marketing to millennials because they want to be part of the creation process.

#9. Share A Good Story About Millennials

Millennials get engaged to the stories shared by others. Similarly, a company’s best asset is a compelling story of a millennial customer or employee. Share your customers’ stories such as how they use your products, engage your brand, and more – this will help you grab more attention.

#10. Challenge Their Creativity

Run a contest to engage with your audience. Prizing is an important component when you run a contest. Make sure that the reward should resonate with them. If you’re offering an amazing trip to a contest winner, excite your participants by telling them that the winner’s trip experience will be shared on your social channels.  This is the best way to spark the interest of millennials. Knowing their experiences will be shared with millions of people worldwide is reason enough to enter for them. Tell your participants to share their experience through social media by using the campaign hashtag.

Final thoughts…

Marketing isn’t a rocket science. The best approach to target Millennials is to dig deeper into the demographics and implement the best possible strategies to fit your marketing needs.

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