10 Creative Ideas To Boost Sales For your Magento Or Shopify Store

10 Creative Ideas To Boost Sales For your Magento Or Shopify Store

Creative Ideas To Boost Sales For your Magento Or Shopify Store

Magento sales Welcome to 2017! It is a great time to boost your business through your Magento or Shopify store. So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Here are 10 creative ideas to boost sales for your Magento or Shopify store:

#1. Think About Investing In HD Photography

If you are a small business owner and want to get your store recognized by users, invest in High Definition photography. Users usually get drawn by the quality of an image and the style a product has been photographed. In case, you cannot afford HD photography, you can always go for stock photos. You can also contact the product manufacturers to provide the best looking photos of their products to be listed on your online store.

#2. Optimize Your Online Store For Mobile Users

Responsiveness is going to be the key in 2017. Ensure that you get your online store optimized for mobile audience.Remember that mobile traffic accounts for around 30% of visits on a website. If you take a look at your website statistics, you’ll notice that most of the users visiting your website are doing it via their smartphones. So, ensure that your website offers easy navigation for your mobile audience.

#3. Optimize Your Email Confirmation And Auto Responders

A customer likes to be acknowledged. So, whenever a user signs-up for your services or buys a product from your store, make sure that they receive proper email confirmation. Set-up automated email confirmation and responders to keep your users engaged. If a user doesn’t receive a product purchase confirmation then they might lose interest in your site and believe that your store isn’t an efficient one.

This also offers great opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. You can suggest similar or relevant product choices to your users based on their search patterns. This increases your chances to sell more products thus boosting your sales.

#4. Easy Check Out Experience For Users

Make sure to give your users an easy checkout experience. It is imperative to reach a good conversion rate. You can give your users’ easy shopping cart, auto-filled checkout information to make the checkout process easier for your user. Consider Magento extensions such as one-page checkout that makes the checkout process easy.

#5.Write Quality Product Descriptions

Do not ignore descriptions on your product listing page. If you want to increase your conversion rate then start optimizing your product descriptions. A product description should offer short, crisp yet complete information that a user requires to learn about the product. You can add additional details with read more tags. Quality product descriptions that are keyword rich can help in SEO as well. You can rank your website on search engines for selected products that are exclusively available on your e-store.

#6. Setup Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing can increase your sales. It is crucial as it can help you get repeat and loyal customers.Google remarketing ads is one of the best ways to engage your users and remind them to come back to your store to buy new products. You have to be careful though. Make sure that you don’t get too aggressive with the remarketing ads.

#7. Welcome Your Customers With A Beautiful Coupon Popup

Customers love to get a bit extra! So, offer some sweet deals to your users by showing a beautiful coupon popup when they land on your site. If you manage to get their attention for the first 5 seconds, it is likely that you will convert that user. Deals can shift the mood of a passive user and attract them to go on a shopping spree on your online store.

Better Coupon Box is a great free tool to design discount coupon popups that match your store’s look and style.

#8. Promote Your Products And Offers On Your Homepage

If you have hyped or new products on your site then promote them on your homepage. It is a great way to attract consumers and hold their attention. It helps visitors to quickly acknowledge brands and consider your store as special or worth revisiting. For example, if your store has exclusive rights to a Smartphone that users like. You should promote it on your homepage with offers to grab more attention.

One of the e-Store giants Amazon, features plenty of exclusive products on their homepage to entice users into purchasing new products.

#9. Run Paid Ads On Adwords And Facebook

Advertise On Facebook

: By running ads on your Facebook page, you get to reach a wider audience and generate sales as well.

Pay For Google Adwords

: It is one of the most tried and tested method of online advertising. There isn’t any other network that can offer you faster results. With Adwords ads the conversion rate improves dramatically. You can use Google Adwords to generate targeted traffic to your site. This results in higher conversion rate.

#10. Run Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the oldest and most trusted methods of marketing i.e., Email marketingis imperative for a successful Magento or Shopify store. The reason it is one of the most trusted forms of marketing is due to its conversion ratios. It holds one of the highest conversion ratios of online traffic for most eCommerce stores. You can run daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email marketing campaigns to entice your users to shop on your online store.

Did you like our creative ideas to help you boost sales on your eCommerce store? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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